My other online content.

I have been piddling with websites since the mid to late 90s. Since my 1st Tandy computer in the 80s I have been interested in using the technology to manage welding related information. I have made various programs and websites on a “hobby” level and time has just not permitted me to get as far along as I wanted. My most recent effort is developing an online course for welding related information using Moodle. This software is a course management system and allows registration and tracking of student progress. The system allows creation of static pages, active content, forums, quizzes, and interactive lessons with decision branching. If ANYONE is interested in either checking it out or assisting please contact me. The course is at

The one with the most time in it is the site. This is going to be an online course for weldin related topics. The site its built using moodle which is specifically for course management. The system allowa me to design materials for students using various types of interactive content. Content can include static pages, multimedia, interactive lessons with branching, SCORM content, forums, and other features.

If you are interested in checking it out please contact me.

Text to 6626600162.
Or Email me. My first name followed by @weldingdata com is my email address.

Have a good day
Gerald Austin

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