Start of a new class

The latest class started on the 6th of August. I started with 13 students and currently have about 8.

A couple have recently entered the Boikermakers Local 263 in Memphis and will be starting to see what construction work us about. They both seem to be made of sturdy stuff. Its great to see a young person pursue a career in the skilled trades.

A couple of others work at a local company that builds truck bodies. They don’t work as welders but hope to. One unfortunately recently broke his elbow and is out of commission. Hope to see him back soon.

Another of the students is currently a prisoner at the local jail and wanted to learn how to weld with FCAW. He had experience working on offshore oil platforms and seems to have a great desire to learn. He has been a pleasure to teach so far.

I also have two other students who are teenagers. These boys do a great job and progress well. They were in the previous years class. They are both home schooled and are a pleasure to teach.

With every new class I come across individuals who want to “Learn it all” when it comes to welding. Well I am pretty sure I am not the teacher for the job. Since I have only barely reached the tip of the iceberg when it come to welding. I hope as t he year progresses I will be able to at least get those who want to “learn it all” started off.

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