A little class finished up.

Our main class finished up near the end of June. It was a great class and I wasn’t looking forward to not being able to teach.
I contacted the local jail to see if they would be interested in providing a few students that were interested in learning to weld. The gentleman I spoke with was definitely all for it.

The people he sent were nothing short of great students. Some had welded before in school, some at work, some at both. Skill levels varied but they all seemed interested in learning more.

A few students that had actually worked in welding related industry showed some great skills. These guys actually came to class after working a full day at various jobs within our county. Some worked on the roads, some cleaning local buildings, and others maintaining equipment. But when they showed up at class they were eager to weld.

Though we all make various mistakes in our lives, we all can work to do better. Thankful for the blessing I received in working with these guys. Hopefully they can come back.
As is typical with the regular class, people don’t show up. Well I know a few that will come any time the door is open.

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