Welding Class completed

The 2012-2013 night welding class completed training on 18 June 2013.

The class was 2 nights a week from 4:00pm till 8:30.

All together we had 39 students. Some people just came to get ready for a welding test (Shipyard, Local Fabricators, or a local labor union) . Some came to increase the skills for a specific task (learn how to Tig weld, put a root in with 6010, or weld vertical with 7018). Some came not knowing what they wanted to learn.

Unless a student specifically told me what they wanted to learn, I made it a practice to start with SMAW. Though this process is not used much in the manufacturing world, it is still the mainstay of maintenance and repair work. It also a develops much of the hand eye coordination needed for other processes.

Though the training covered 9 mos, the overall number of hours was relatively low with only 9 hours of class per week. In addition there were a few weeks off due to fall and spring outages at the paper mill where I work.

Even with the limited number of hours, I think much was gained. Even if the only thing learned was “I don’t wanna be a welder” I think it was time we’ll spent.

The next open class starts on 6 Aug 2013. Classes will be on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 pm till 8:30 pm. There are 7 booths available and hours are flexible. If you only want to come to one class or just a certain time, we can make arrangements.

Contact me if you have any questions. 6626600162 call or text.

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