A little dedication

We had a great class tonight. Though the number of students have gone down a bit, most of those that have remained are late starters as they didn’t start until April and May. Those that have went on are always welcome back to brush up on their skills. But what I want to talk about tonight is dedication.

One student has worked two jobs yet still made time to come to class. And regularly too. Always eager to learn something and hone his skills. Here he is on his 1st night of GTAW .

Image He has learned a great deal in in the 120ish hours he has in class. Though that is not much training time, his eagerness to learn has allowed him to gain a great deal of skill. Good Job Ian. Tonight he was welding fillet welds in tee joints in the vertical and overhead position on the floor and under the table. Never questioned me or complained. Just did it and it looked good. Dedication.

A lady I work with a few weeks ago asked me if I accepted students that were still high school age. I told her I would. My expectations were somewhat low for how they would perform. Not for any other reason than their being teenage boys. I would love to teach High School students how to weld but that’s another story.

I’ll start with Dave. Hes the older of the two. Tall, and very quiet. At 1st his quietness was perceived as a lack of interest. I WAS wrong. This young man has been to almost every class since starting and has progressed quickly. He pays close attention to everything I say when it comes to helping him weld better. Tonight he picked up the Mig gun to do a little GMAW practice after a brief introduction to it last night. Made some fine welds. Below is his 2nd or 3rd lap joint ever welded with GMAW. Pretty good. His vertical looked pretty good too.Image

Dave has been a pleasure to teach. When he got to class today his face was all dirty. I asked him what he had been doing. He said “Welding”. I asked him later what he was building. He indicated he was “Just Welding”. He has equipment at home and I am glad to see him using it.

The other young man  that started with Dave is Logan. Logan is a couple of years younger (I think) and I expected the similar interest out of a teenage young man but maybe a bit less. Well again I was wrong. While he is at class, Logan WORKS. He stays at it. Not taking a break every few rods to come out and talk. The dark spots you see on his sleeves is NOT from water being poured on him. It came from hard work in a hot trailer with the temp in the 90’s.


Tonight he was able to weld a satisfactory vertical fillet weld in a tee joint in the least amount of time of any student I have had. I then asked him to try one on the floor. This very often results in the weld looking VERY bad the 1st time. I briefly explained to him what to do and this is what came out.


The last student I want to talk about is PJ. He only started a few weeks ago. He is DRIVEN to learn to weld better. He came with some experience but wants to improve. You can tell how important is is to him to get better when things don’t come out right. It bothers him. He stays under the hood and doesn’t let a little warm weather stop him.


He stayed at it tonight and was successful in making some considerable improvements. The sweat you see would have caused quite a few to go home early.

What all of these have is dedication to learn. They may each have different ideas on what they want to do with welding in their lives but they and many others have really shown some dedication to learning. These (the dedicated) are the ones that make me love teaching. There are plenty that have already been through class and went on. Some to weld and some not to weld. But they CAME to learn.


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